Regulations to Limit Gun Violence

1. Limit ammunition sales and add restrictions to ammunition production equipment;
2. Allow hand-gun sales only to active Law Enforcement Officers and issue to active/reserve military, and members of state militias (National Guard);
3. Institute gun buyback programs;
4. Run gun education campaigns aimed at increasing gun safety and keeping guns out of the hands of children;
5. Allow CDCP to conduct its study on the health effects of guns;
6. Withdraw legislation exempting gun manufacturers from liability;
7. Require gun owners to carry liability insurance, requiring minimum coverages of $1Million per death, $500,000 per injury, plus all associated medical, disability, and legal costs resulting from gun usage;
8. Re-instate and strengthen the assault rifle ban;
9. Increase monetary penalties for crimes committed with a firearm with a minimum of $25,000 per incident per victim;
10. Allow general public access to hunting weapons, limited to bolt action rifles and up to 3-round magazine shotguns, but not automatic or semi-automatic weapons;
11. Return to understanding the Second Amendment in regard to covering the need for state militias;
12. Allow for shooting clubs, but require weapons to be stored on the premises under lock and monitoring;
13. Run campaigns to focus on the value of human life;
14. Run education campaigns to promote peaceful discussion of ideas and non-violent conflict management;
15. Enforce regulations to promote peaceful dialogue in media akin to former FCC guidelines on fairness doctrine.

©Copyright 2017, Christopher B. Harbin 


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