Regulations to Limit Gun Violence

Here is a list of legislative options I have come up with to help stem the tide of gun violence in the US. Pick 17 in honor of the #ParklandStudents. Choose 3. Let's start with 1, but let's do something.

1. Ban semi-automatic weapons.

2. Require liability insurance for each gun in possession ($2M liability for death, $1M liability for injury minimums).

3. Require gun registrations into a national database.

4. Expand background checks for purchases and continued gun ownership.

5. Ban gun ownership to those with domestic violence charges and restraining orders.

6. Ban gun ownership to persons who are deemed a threat to themselves or others.

7. Ban high capacity magazines.

8. Ban bump-stocks.

9. Require the same regulations for long-arms as for CCP.

10. Limit ammunition sales and add restrictions to sales of ammunition production equipment.

11. Abolish Stand Your Ground laws.

12. Implement gun buy-back programs.

13. Require gun owners to pay all medical care, psychological care, rehabilitation, lost income, and legal expenses for victims injured by gun discharges.

14. Charge parents for gun crimes committed by minors.

15. Disallow the NRA and gun manufacturers from making political campaign contributions.

16. Require gun manufacturers to pay a percentage of profits into a national fund to assist victims of gun violence.

17. Require a 15-day cooling off period for all gun purchases.

18. If background check data do not come in from appropriate jurisdictions, delay sales and fine those responsible for the delays.

19. Ban lead for use in ammunition.

20. Require proof of liability insurance meeting necessary minimums for all gun, gun accessory, and ammunition purchases.

21. Withdraw legislation exempting gun manufacturers from liability.

22. Allow hand-gun sales only to active Law Enforcement Officers and issue to active/reserve military, and members of state militias (National Guard).

23. Run gun education campaigns aimed at increasing gun safety and keeping guns out of the hands of children.

24. Mandate CDCP to conduct its study on the health effects of guns.

25. Increase monetary penalties for crimes committed with a firearm with a minimum of $25,000 per incident per victim.

26. Allow general public access to hunting weapons, limited to bolt action rifles and up to 3-round magazine shotguns, but not automatic or semi-automatic weapons.

27. Return to understanding the Second Amendment in regard to covering the need for state militias.

28. Allow for shooting clubs, but require weapons to be stored on the premises under lock and monitoring.

29. Run campaigns to focus on the value of human life.

30. Run education campaigns to promote peaceful discussion of ideas and non-violent conflict management.

31. Enforce regulations to promote peaceful dialogue in media akin to former FCC guidelines on fairness doctrine.

©Christopher B. Harbin 


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