Grace Incarnate

A birth wrapped up in clouds of shame,
The gossips shared uncaring blame
For one who bore a word of grace
Wrapped in a womb and love's embrace.
Beyond the comfort of a home
This Word incarnate would be born,
Announced to shepherds, not to kings,
"Good news for all!" the hills would ring.
A feeding trough there for his bed,
A paltry wrap from feet to head
For one whose life God's presence beamed
Into the midst of those we deemed
Unworthy of a second thought.
This babe forgotten, magi sought
To pay the homage due his birth,
With gifts of great material worth.
'Twas not the great for whom he came,
But for the poor, the blind, the lame,
The crowds abandoned to despair
Without a hope or yet a care.
The shame which wrapped such humble birth
Is ours not his, for o'er the earth
Despair claims those we should embrace,

Extending Christmas' fullest grace.

©Copyright 2017, Christopher B. Harbin 


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